The Bharat Bible College is an indigenous evangelical faith ministry dedicated to the training of national Christian youth for evangelization and Church planting in the Indian sub-continent. The inauguration of the College took place on July 15th, 1969.

The Bharat Bible College is the result of the burden and vision that the Lord had given to late Dr. Jeevaratnam Buraga, its Founder. Within the past Forty two years the Lord has raised a host of friends and well wishers around the world and in India who stand behind this ministry with their prayers and gifts.

The College is situated at Dabilpur village, Rangareddy District of Andhra Pradesh state, on the northern environs of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad on National Highway No.7, half-km to the left at Dabilpur intersection mid-way between the highway and the Dabilpur railway station.

Opportunities for outreach evangelism are overwhelming. There are at least 35 villages within a 10 km radius from Dabilpur. Our vision is to plant a Sunday school and a Church in each of these villages through our Church the Trinity Baptist Church on the campus. We already have Churches in Jeedimatla (old campus church), Medchal, Athwelly, Ravalkol, Kandlakoya, Yamjal, Yapral and Srirangavaram villages.

The burden of evangelizing the teeming millions of India is the responsibility and privilege of Indian Christian youth. Bharat Bible College is designed and equipped to train born-again youth to fulfill this awesome task. More than 3000 graduates of Bharat Bible College, scattered throughout India, Burma, Africa, Middle-East and USA are fully engaged in the service of the Church as Pastors, Evangelists, Bible Teachers, Educators and Christian Leaders in various capacities, bear eloquent testimony to the relevance of this ministry and God’s grace upon it.

The origin and the purpose of the college are deeply embedded in the founder’s awareness of the fact that today, more than ever, the testimony of Jesus Christ is seriously jeopardized by a departure from the faith once delivered to the saints as a result of which the Church is speedily losing its mission for the world evangelization. The Bharat Bible College seeks to be instrumental in God’s hand in calling the Church back to the Bible as God’s Word and to the Gospel as its mission to the world.

Hence without any apology the College stands committed to the defense of the historic Christian faith and opposed to worldliness, ecumenism and all shades of theological liberalism. Theologically the College is Fundamental, Baptistic and Pre-Millennial. The programme is Bible based, Christ-centered and ministry oriented. The twin objects of the College are evangelization and Church-planting and its motto is: “for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:9). The College is equipped to generate consecrated Christian leadership that the Church in India so desperately needs today. It is our responsibility to preach the Gospel to our fellow Indians and preserve the faith and freedom for our children. The Bharat Bible College, therefore, will not pass by any opportunity of fellowship and co-operation in the Gospel with all those who truly love the Lord Jesus and seek to make Him known.

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