Annual Gospel Campaign

Greetings in the Lord’s name from Bharat Bible College. By the grace of God and with your prayers, greetings and wishes, we had a wonderful Gospel Campaign and a blessed time during Christmas and new year.

Our Gospel campaign this year 2015 in December was special in that our student teams were able to reach out to 266 villages, and distribute 220,000 gospel tracts. There were 11 teams in total each team consisting of 8 to 10 members. The girls team was composed of 14 members led by Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Buraga. Our faculty Mr. D. Wilson, Mr. Hanok, Mr. Ch. Eliphaz, Mr. Amar Gollajesse and our former Academic Dean Mr . K Samuel were the leaders of their particular teams.

The team members, no doubt were prayerfully prepared and enthusiastic about how the Spirit of God would use them. This was the ‘first time’ experience to half of the student body, because they are new to such opportunities of ministry. We have always gone through many experiences, especially in public evangelism, through these 40 years! Enemies of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ beat us, abused us, called us names, demonized the name of Christ, chased us by stoning, demolished our evangelism van, snatched Bibles and Gospel tracts from our hands and tore them off, injured students were hospitalized; through it all the “goodness of our Lord” was proclaimed. Students were unyielding in the face of persecution, for they counted it a blessing to suffer for the name of Christ.

Here are some of the student experiences:

“Our girls team was led by Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Buraga. We visited several schools and colleges during the campaign. Personally, I did not know how to present the Gospel of Christ to people in the streets. I was so excited, when I learned distributing of tracts and singing songs and presenting the gospel through skits that I wanted to do more. This was first-hand experience for me. I am thankful to God for my college for providing me the opportunity to learn for my future, as well.” – Ruth Leme, B.Th. II

“I was born and brought up in a Buddhist family. Even now some of my family members are not yet saved. Through BBC, I have learned how to evangelize and witness personally to people on the streets; I had never known this before! I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for choosing me to be a witness, besides saving my life from the darkness of Buddhism” – Jowang Inthem B.Th.II, Vemulawada team.

Roy James BD II : “I got a rare opportunity of outreach ministry through Bhongir team. We were able to cover 19 villages around the town of Bhongir, including the town we were able to distribute 18000 tracts to people in the streets as well as in homes. I have never had such experience as a believer in Christ! When I saw opposition to the preaching at two places, I was afraid, but the Lord strengthened me and my team members. We were able to accomplish our mission to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Stephen Paul BD III : “This gospel campaign in December 2015 was a great learning experience to me. It was my first time to preach the gospel on the streets and I thoroughly enjoyed preaching His word, trusting the Lord will work in people hearts. …it was an eye-opening experience in many ways. Many people had never heard the name of Jesus. …the experience was rich and fulfilling. The joy of being able to partake of God’s great commission was immense… I wish we could do this more often. …trust the Lord will use me in the days to come to spread His love and the person of Jesus Christ. Thank God, and thank BBC, Warm Regards.”

Several teams faced stiff resistance from the enemies of the Cross during this campaign. To more than half the students this was privilege to take the gospel to people on the streets. Each one would have a wonderful testimony to give, although I furnished the experiences of only four students. It was all a team work done in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Every one of them enjoyed being part of this “outreach ministry” of the college.

May the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ open the hearts of people who received and read the word of the gospel of Christ! We do not go for numbers, for number sake! We leave the work done to the Lord of the Harvest; and we know His word will not return void, without accomplishing God’s purpose! Praise be to His name!