Need of Affiliation

Students need not be concerned about “official recognition or affiliation” of the college with any popular university or Accrediting Association. It’s our firm belief and conviction that academic affiliation is no substitute for solid and sound Bible Doctrine and Theology. We always believed in Godly Scholarship and have taught and guided the students along those lines. Yes, we did consider affiliation with theologically liberal university on the one hand and secular university on the other; and have discovered that permanent association with such institutions or even with ecumenical associations would be detrimental to the stand and testimony of our college. A spirit of good will and academic recognition prevails among institutions such as Bharat Bible College, Berean Baptist Bible College, Asian Christian Academy in Bangalore, Stewards Bible College in Chennai; Calcutta Bible College; Sielmat Bible College in Manipur; Biblical School of Theology, Myanmar; Fundamental Bible College in Yangon, Myanmar; to name a few. Because of BBC’S uncompromising stand “For the Word of God and for the Testimony of Jesus Christ” and the faithful teaching of godly men and women for the past 41 years BBC’s degrees are accepted and recognized by Bob Jones University (USA); Lancaster Bible College, Pa. (USA); Dallas Theological Seminary. Several Biblical Evangelical Seminaries in Korea and Singapore also accept our degrees. Some of our graduates are pursuing their further studies in these institutions.

Thank You,
Dr Samuel Buraga,
Director, BBC.